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Dr.'s Remedy Defense Deep Red

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A rich bordeaux with a mystifying creme finish.

  • Developed by two board certified podiatrists to prevent yellow, brittle nails
  • Contains tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract
  • Enhanced with vitamin C and Vitamin E to strengthen nail enamel
  • Contains wheat protein to bind moisture and naturally increase shine
  • Meets the non-toxic nail polish standards set out by the
  • Contains none of the toxins present in most American beauty products
    • Formaldehyde-free.
    • DBP-free (Dibutylphthalate).
  • Decreases your risk of getting sick from build ups of trace toxins over time
  • Safe for pregnant women. A nail polish that won't harm your baby
  • Safe for children - no risk of nail biters ingesting toxic chemicals
  • Ideal for people who have allergic reactions to chemicals in commercial nail polishes
  • Nail polish colors were selected by fashion experts to fit with current trends
  • A manicure done with Dr.'s Remedy base coat, color, and top coat in that order is exceptionally long-lasting and durable