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Taaru Diappo Baskets

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$35.00 - $115.00
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Diappo means holding hands.

Designed by the talented designer Margo Isadora, this collection of uniquely shaped baskets signify collaboration and unification with the name of the collection being the Diappo collection, to hold hands in Wolof.

Our customers can take pride in supporting a brand that empowers women artisans




Extra Small: height: 13 cm top width: 20 cm base width: 13 cm top length: 20cm base length: 13 cm

Small:  height: 13.5 cm top width: 24 cm base width: 16 cm top length: 24 cm base length: 16 cm

Medium-Small: height: 16cm top width: 31cm base width: 17 cm top length: 31 cm base length: 17 cm

Medium height: 20 cm top width: 36.5 cm base width: 22.5 cm top length: 36.5 cm base length: 22.5 cm

Large height: 23 cm top width: 36 base width: 26.5 top length: 36 base length: 26.5


Color: White

Customer Reviews

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Diappo Baskets Are Lovely

The Diappo Baskets add color and beauty to our kitchen. They are perfect for fruits and vegetables. They are artfully hand-made by Senegales women. Each piece is truly authentic.