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Taaru Means beauty in my native language from Senegal.

Taaru Majeure is a brand of cosmetics that seeks to make it possible for ALL women to achieve beautiful skin, and with that in mind,I made sure that all Taaru products share this one incredible ingredient: Baobab extract.

Baobab is called the tree of life.

Everything baobab is put to use, fruits/leaves / roots etc.... The Baobab tree is also a succulent , which means that it is able to store water in its vast trunk, enabling it to produce nutrients and vitamin packed fruits even during the dry season.

The baobab is impervious to seasons changes, like we would want our skin to be. Who wouldn’t want such incredible ingredient in our daily skincare?

Taaru majeure uses baobab oil to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promote collagen production and boost skin’s natural elasticity and smoothness with an extra serving of vitamin C (6 times more than that of an Orange )!

There you have it, the key to the saying: “Black don’t crack!”


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"Taaru Majeure message body oil leaves your skin feeling and looking healthy. Thank you, Mama Faye for introducing me to the fountain of youth and healthy glowing skin."

Tonya, New York

"Taaru Majeure is Africa at the corner of Larchemont, great products, great services. At Taaru Majeure, I got The best care for my skin"

Rokhaya, New York

"When you walk through the door of Taaru Majeure , you walk into a different land and are surrounded by color, texture, pattern, nature, fragrance, and especially, you feel welcome."

Diane, New York

"I love being able to find just the right gifts for my friends at a great value."

Quin, San Francisco

"I visited the store last week and bought several items for my mom birthday. Love it"

Dora, New York

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